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Simply Budget Limited was set up in 2008 by Christine Liggins. Christine moved to New Zealand from the UK in 2004 with her husband, Martin. Having a passion for resolving money issues, Christine soon got involved with the local budget service where she trained as a budget adviser.

As her passion and experience grew, in 2008 she began dealing with complex cases and insolvency procedures. In 2009 she gave up her full time position as Logistics Manager for G S Hall and Company to concentrate on her money coaching. Christine is a summary instalment order supervisor, appointed by the Official Assignee, and a trustee of creditors proposals, working with the courts. Christine is also a tutor and holds educational seminars.

With her experience and knowledge she hopes to help as many people as possible to manage their money, take control of their debts, and most of all she aims to put YOU IN CONTROL of your money!

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Ph:               +64 9 425 9500
FreePhone : 0800 DEBT 101
Email:           helpline@debtfix.co.nz
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