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I would like to compliment Christine Liggins my SIO supervisor. She has been nothing but helpful, accommodating and just available for me during the most stressful times. I would highly recommend her to anyone else who lives in Auckland. Thank you so much; and to Christine I appreciate everything you truly are amazing.

SG Auckland

You are a great teacher. We have all benefited in doing this course because your commitment and passion to financial mentoring shines through in everything you have taught us

MM Whangarei

I contacted Christine in 2008 when it seemed I would either be bankrupt or take my own life, such was the position of my financial despair. I was immediately impressed how genuine she was and what an incredibly calming and non judgmental manner she had. I never felt inferior when dealing with Christine and from the first contact we developed a great rapport. It has taken my 5 years to get myself back to where I should and need to be, and that is solely due to Christine's dedication, unwavering support and amazing knowledge of what to do in each situation. I will be forever indebted to Christine as I have come out of that dark tunnel, the bright light is right there and I have learnt so much about money. Thank you Christine, you are one of lives real genuine treasures.

LR Devonport

2 years ago I thought I'm going to declare bankruptcy, until I met Christine. She helped me sort all my debts. Made me realise that wrong spending and wrong handling of money has its consequences. I'm truly grateful and thankful to Christine for helping me. Truly, a life saver!...

RV, Northcote

After I lost my job due to a down turn in the market I felt as if there was no way out. I contacted Christine and within a short amount of time she helped me get things back on track I could not have done it with out her, thanks heaps ...

MM, Auckland

Christine helped me with my budget when I was at the point where I just didn't know how I was going to cope with my finances. She was very pleasant, totally non-judgemental about my prior spending, and we sat down together and came up with a workable plan. I was so impressed with her that I recommended her to two of my friends. If you're struggling with your finances and can't see a way out, this is the best first step - seek Christine's advice. Talking it through and addressing the issues took a huge weight off my shoulders. It's good to have a plan. Thanks Christine...

JS, Glenfield

Christine has truly been a Godsend to us! She sorted out our finances and has us well and truly back on track for becoming less "debt strung out"! Thank you Christine for being such an awesome budgetor you are amazing! Cheers

N & T, Auckland

I came to Christine desperate to find a solution for my growing debt, it was only weeks away from me losing everything and becoming depressed. Christine's cool head and analytical thinking, saved me. I now have a payment plan that is on track and I am very grateful for the guidance and help. I cannot recommend Christine highly enough.....

SG, Auckland

Christine has really helped me with my money problems and got me on the right track. She is professional and helpful and I would highly recommend anyone with any money issues to contact her. Thank you so much Christine!!

LH, Auckland

I would like to say a BIG thank you to Christine for helping me stay on target with my debts. Your are an amazing advisor and I recommend anyone who feel the stress of debt and think they have no way out to give simply budget a call. Christine is there to help and does a fantastic job. Not only does Christine advise on debt she helped me transition into a great Kiwisaver plan. Kudo's to you and now my life feels happier than ever, thank you again!

NK, New Zealand

Christine was a great help in finding a solution, for our ever increasing spiral of debt. Using a professional is always the best option. Lesson learnt!


Christine saved my life. Two years ago, I thought I was going bankrupt and that I would lose all that I had worked for over the last 25 years. I had mounting debts, never any money for groceries or petrol and lived in fear of the future and how I could continue to provide a home for myself and my three teenage sons. It didn’t take Christine long to convince me that with a little restructuring of my spending habits – she could set me on the right path. That first Christmas, she found me $500 in my budget for buying presents. Today I have money in the bank, my debts are paid, there is petrol in the car and I have enough each week to comfortably shop for groceries. No more stress and anxiety. Christine was always patient, non judgemental and over time empowered me to assume control of my finances instead of feeling that THEY controlled me. I really can’t thank Christine enough for helping me as she has.. . . .

JA, Glenfield, NZ

Simply Budget and Christine Liggins are the best in the market. We have been dealing with Christine Liggins since 2008 with great solution....

YA, Auckland

Due to the recession I had lost my job in March 09. Quickly the savings started to dry due to payments to creditors. I contacted Simply Budget and Christine to guide me in through this stressful situation. She being a professional recommended options and thereafter coordinated with govt officials and creditors to sort out matters legally. I was also guided to budget finances for future....

RC, Auckland

I went to see Christine in March 2009 to help me sort out my financial situation. She sat down with me and discussed a range of options that I had never knew existed. Christine's advice and assistance has made a significant difference to me and I am financially much better off now. If you need expert advice on how to improve your financial situation, don't hesitate. Call Christine now!....

JB, Hibiscus Coast

I went to see Christine when there seemed to be no way out of the financial disaster that we were caught up in. With the GFC devastating our business and finances we were at bankruptcies door and Christine has saved our sanity through a very difficult time. The advice and assistance that Christine was able to give was far beyond what our other advisers could offer and the result she is working on with us is very positive. She really is a life saver!!....

RM, North Shore Auckland

Having spent huge amounts of time trying to sort out our finances, contact creditors and deal with unpaid bills, Christine the fairy godmother came and sorted us out and we're currently paying things off and in a much better financial situation.....

MA, North Shore, Auckland

Before I had help from Christine, I felt so helpless about my finances and it impacted every aspect of my life. Christine helped me gain control and stability but most importantly understanding of my situation. She provided solutions in a friendly and approachable manner, not something you usually relate to with finance!! I would highly recommend Christine's services to anybody in need of a bit of help.....

HA, Glendowie, Auckland

I was given Christine's contact details back in 2008/2009 and from that point onwards I have found her to be a very understanding, supportive and very helpful within her field of expertise. Having Christine to help with both my budget and my SIO payments has been very useful to not only myself but also my family. Thank you so much Christine for all your help....

AF, Mt Albert, Auckland

I was sinking fast in a sea of debt, and at the point of bankruptcy. Christine helped me set up an SIO with my creditors which allowed me to repay them within a realistic budget. Even throughout the repayment plan as my situation has changed and my income varied, Christine has been able to assist me in maintaining my SIO with my creditors and offered sound advice through out. I'm so grateful to Christine, she has literally saved my life.....

CH, Sydney, Australia

Christine has been fantastic! If I'm struggling I know I can rely on her to calmly offer advice on how to get my finances back under control. She has been understanding with late payments and offered several times to meet free of charge when I'm in town to further assist me. Her knowledge, advice and efficiency have been a great anchor for me....

SB, Brisbane, Australia

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