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Simply Check
NZ $50.00

Submit your budget worksheet for it to be checked by a money coach.

You will be sent tips on how you can trim your budget and ways you can manage the budget.

Simply Monitor
NZ $300.00

Submit your budget worksheet to one of our money coaches for them to analyse.

The initial report will include tips on how you can trim your budget and ways to help you manage the budget. Together you will work out a plan for the upcoming weeks.

After the initial report you will be contacted each month by your allocated money coach so that they can check on your progress and answer any queries you may have along the way.

Simply Budget
NZ $500.00

Submit your budget worksheet to one of our money coaches for 12 months of SIMPLY BUDGET. The money coach will review your budget and give you tips and suggestions on how it may be trimmed.

They will then work closely to help you put simple systems in place to make it easier for you to manage your budget. The money coach will work with you to produce a cashflow and explain how this can be used. You will receive contact from your money coach every month to ensure you are working with the budget and the cashflow plan. At the end of the 12 months you should have developed the skills and confidence to manage and control your budget.

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